That Look Away.

That look away, silence, turn of the head that indicates that the conversation is at an end and you may have said something that was inappropriate out of unawareness of something unstated.


One of the students in the class decided to write about Tiffany’s and about owning objects and whether owning objects also meant owning people. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was mentioned. One of the other students mentioned that her mother knew the manager at Tiffany’s because she was a customer, and had had breakfast there with the manager. End of conversation. Someone just revealed that she was in a different class and financial situation to the rest of the students.

Went to pick up ID at GMU. Interesting conversation with the person issuing ids. We were talking about the 60’s. I mentioned that I was lucky not to have been drafted. End of conversation. For some people, joining the military is an economic necessity or a family commitment, not a choice.


That silence. That look away. That end of the conversation. The unknown.






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